Ideas for Visiting Texas

The San Antonio River walk is widely regarded as The Father of the River walk. It’s the greatest attraction in Texas. It was built with limestone to create 21 blocks of walkways bridges and buildings, which was done in a way to be reminiscent of what the city may have looked like after her first settlers arrived. Its surrounded with diners, bars, restaurants and shops with hotels and attractions.

Remember the Alamo

alamo-san-antonio-texasThe battle of the Alamo was fought in December 1835 during the Texas war for independence from Mexico. On Feb 23 1836 a Mexican force in the thousands was led by General Antonio Lopez DE Santa Anna laid siege to the fort, but was vastly outnumbered. For Texans the Battle of the Alamo became and enduring symbol for their struggle of independence, which was won later that year. It still stands today and is a very unique tourist attraction.

Built in the 1800s the State Capitol building is still as majestic as the day it was built. Visitors view the building, and the legislative chambers it houses. People are free to take a look inside anytime.

Corpus Christi’s has the most extensive aquarium in Texas. It has a variety of fish and marine life. Educational programs are available, so make sure to make you have nothing to do the day you visit, because it’s an all-day event.

Located near the aquarium is the USS LEXINGTON a WW11 warship has been refurbished with sleep aboard programs and a flight simulator. It took a lot of commercial pressure washing to get the ship cleaned up and looking how it does now. This ship is also known to the locals as Lex.

Then we have the Johnson Space Center It was made famous in the race to space. It’s also home to the space shuttles. When you take a tour go get the real feel for space while visiting ground control.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but that just the pride saying of the state