The Alamo

The Alamo. We’ve used it most often as a warfare cry, our manner to express, honor and energy.

1854_alamoDo you know why we bear in mind the Alamo? The direction it changed into a war that became fought for the fort. However we’ve had masses of battles within the United States of America. What makes this one so special you ask? From Feb 23, 1836 till March 6th, 1836, San Antonio become a battle floor among Texan and Tejano revolutionaries and the Mexican  navy. They became a group of insurgents that became pressured to keep up the Alamo. Mexicans had been led by  Antonio Lopez DE Santa Ana. He became a former president of Mexico. He changed into a reputable leader for his army prowess and for chicle, the main factor in gum. He had 1,800 troops which  was a brief distance from the Alamo.

The assigned metropolis had been transformed  into a fort, and insurgents had been trapped inside without reinforcements. Jim Bowie was very ill and constrained in bed, very delirious from fever. Davy Crockett, a congressman from Tennessee, was there  with additional men from Scotland, Denmark, and England. There were also slaves and ladies and youngsters. Runners were sent to discover help however only 32 volunteers from Gonzales got there with only 200 human beings fought from the inside.

This struggle became mythical almost at once when it ended. The insurgents fatally refused to give up to  the Mexican forces. Within the months that followed, the now famous cry, remember the Alamo, became used to rally rebels. San Jacinto that’s now Houston, Texas. Sam Houston, the commander of the volunteers, faced off the Mexicans. He led his men in a zigzag all across Texas for nearly a month with Santa Ana coming up behind him  a very long way in the back , but with self assurance and faith he lost quite a few troops, however this also bought him time to train his rebels.

Houston noticed a threat to take the Generals Santa Ana’s military, but Houston sensed he may want to take on this military and flip the tables on them. On April 21,1836 he led 910 men across the plains. When he got there in sight of the Mexican army  the cannons blasted and war broke out. This struggle simply lasted 20 minutes but is credited to securing the Texas Independence .
 The people who fought within the Alamo failed to go down or become  martyrs, while all but one agreed to sacrifice their lives for the conflict. they all hoped for victory but met their demise there. This became one of the most historical battles in history.