The Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers are law enforcement that has the statewide jurisdiction of all of Texas. The base is located in the City of Austin. The Rangers have investigated crimes of all kinds, from murders, riot control, and Political corruption. So they are not only Rangers or policemen they are also detectives. They are an paramilitary force which serves the republic and the State of Texas. The Rangers were officially created by Stephen F. Austin in 1823, and was then headed up by Captain Morris. After ten years, August 10,1835, Daniel Parker brought forth a body of rangers into the border patrol. It was dissolved during the civil war era, but quickly resolved upon the home government. There are 150 commissioned members of the ranger force. Texas can pretty much take care of herself!

cobTexas has taken part in many events in History. The stopping of the assassinations of Presidents Porfirio Diaz of El Paso and William Howard Taft. The history of Texas has some of the best known criminal cases like John Wesley Hardin,Sam Bass and the  outlaws Bonnie and Clyde. The Rangers has become known in nonfiction researchers to pulp and novels. In fiction the best known Ranger from the wild west was the Lone Ranger,
Following the Texas revolution, newly elected Mirabeau B. Lamar as President, raised a force of 56 rangers to fight the Comanche and Cherokee in retaliation. Partly because they had gave the Mexicans at the Cordva Rebellion help. Ten rangers were killed at the Battle in 1837. The size of the ranger force increased from 56 to 100 men by Sam Houston while he was President of the Republic. In 1841( this was his second election) Texas could pretty much hold her on until the confederate war.
The Old west holds an image to us as the Rangers thought to  typically live rough life’s with tough talk, and a quick draw. Ranger Captain John Ford said the men who served him, were un married and drank to much, but still was sober and brave. They knew their duties and they did them. They were disciplined with moral courage and they did it because it was right.