What You Need to Know Before Going on the River

Thinking of taking a canoeing trip on a Texas river?  Well, here are things you need to consider to make your trip fun and safe!

920x920Just what to Bring

Many places that you go to when visiting a river in Texas do not supply an especially practical canoe rental or shuttle service, so it will probably be less complicated to bring a watercraft with you. Take water (or a water filter), first-aid gear, and a wet suit and also neoprene booties and gloves if it’s chilly. Also wear a flotation protection device even on the calmest-looking river. Webbing lines connected to the front and back of your boat are important for portaging and also leading it down complicated rapids.

When to Go

May and September are excellent months for boating, and the recent damp wintertime has actually raised water degrees (though two years of drought mean they’re still not as high as one would certainly like). The United States Geological Study gives stream-flow data that will help you plan, however note that flow could depend upon dam release and it can change swiftly. A heavy rainfall upstream could trigger severe flooding without your even seeing a cloud, so take care where you camp; this evening’s primo place may be a torrent in the morning.

Just what to Do With Your Vehicle

Make sure you park legitimately. On some trips you could leave a vehicle ignored for a couple of days; you don’t intend to return to locate that it has been ticketed or towed. Trips are less complicated with 2 automobiles; with simply one, you’ll have to organize a shuttle bus or count on the generosity of complete strangers to get back to where you started from. Vehicle parking should be simple, unless otherwise kept in mind.

If you keep these things in mind on your next river adventure, you will be sure to have a great time exploring Texas!